Five young entrepreneurs have launched an eco-friendly clothing line they hope to see rival popular major brand Jack Wills.

All of the products under the sustainable Wave Wear brand, which the students from Falmouth University have been working on for the past six months, are made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Wave Wear currently offers two items, a T-shirt created from bamboo and a jumper created from 60% recycled cotton which has been organically grown and 40% recycled polyester.

But there are plans to expand. One of the team, Frazer Hawkey, 18, said: “The brand will develop to a more full range over time, but we only have so much money.”

Frazer Hawkey, left, and Alex Mantle are part of the team launching their Wave Wear brand.

The goal of sustainability is clearly visible when considering the choices made in the production materials. Bamboo was chosen because it is an extremely versatile material, and with a rapid growth rate of up to 90cm per day, it can be easily renewed. The bamboo is sourced from and refined in China.

The use of recycled cotton and polyester in making the jumpers is aimed at reducing the impact of the production process on the environment. Producing a simple standard cotton T-shirt, for example, can consume up to 3000 litres of water.

Team member Alex Mantle, 19, who, like Frazer, is a first-year student on the entrepreneurship degree, said: “The clothing industry at the moment is one of the most environmentally-damaging sectors on the planet. We just want to change it for the better. A lot of innovation is moving towards sustainability, and we want to move that into the clothing industry.”

The Wave Wear brand has been heavily influenced by its Cornish roots, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the county, being sustainable in an effort to ensure it stays that way.

“Cornwall has definitely impacted the brand,” said Alex. “It’s beautiful, and a lot of the coastline is intact. It’s all about being in touch with nature and safeguarding what we have, and that’s definitely come through in the brand, in Wave Wear.”

“I’ve realised at this point that money isn’t 100% of my motivation. I want to create a positive impact. We think Wave Wear can definitely go somewhere.”

Proud to wave the flag for the county through their brand, Frazer added: “There’s always been a massive divide between Cornwall and Devon. Devon has Jack Wills, we like to think Wave Wear could represent Cornwall.

“We’re calling you out Jack Wills.”