Yesterday afternoon, Westminster Bridge was scattered with police, medics and people fighting for their lives. The man responsible for the chaos, who has been identified as Khalid Masood, had the whole of London at a standstill. Truthfal’s AKVILE ZVALIAUSKAITE  ventured out into Westminster in the afternoon one day after the attack to see the aftermath of the events.

Westminster Station, main entrance is closed – photograph by Akvile Zvaliauskaite

Westminster station was bustling with security, be it policemen or tube station workers, directing people around the station, away from the main entrance that has been gated and taped off. The entire area of the incident was taped off, and everyone was crowding around to snap pictures of the crime scene. Police in the streets, in cars, on bikes, in helicopters and even in boats on the River Thames had the entire city under surveillance.

Police boat in the River Thames – photograph by Akvile Zvaliauskaite

“I haven’t seen this many police on the streets since 7/7,” said Leah Daniell as she was commuting to work across Westminster Bridge. “What happened yesterday was scary, really scary, but I feel safer than ever at this point in time. Things can always happen, there’s no point in being scared of everything all the time.”
There were a lot more people than I though there would be. The bridge was buzzing with life, not only with police and reporters, but also with tourists and pedestrians, on their way to work and homes without fear. There were flowers laid out in the area for those who lost their lives.

Tribute flowers at Westminster Bridge – photograph by Akvile Zvaliauskaite

“There’s so many people in London, and for it to truly affect us, you’re going to have to do much better than that,” said Shadia Mohammed, a civilian from London who was on her way to work, “I have always felt safe in London, and I always will.”

Police monitoring the area on the streets were unable to give comments, as the case was still ongoing and sensitive, but they were vigilant and extremely friendly to everyone and anyone who asked for any help and advice.

Westminster guarded by police – photograph by Akvile Zvaliauskaite

London always has been, and always will be a city that will be unbroken and brave during times of terror, and that much is evident as people go about their daily lives, trusting the city’s security.