By Alex Hughes and Leah Marshall

Falmouth has once again come together and brightened up the walls of the town. This time at a larger scale.

Marc Craig, 44, is a street artist based in London. In collaboration with Spectrum, he created a wall mural in Maritime Museum’s car park.

Spectrum – a Cornish Charity supporting those with autism – along side Marc Craig, created a mural last summer inspired by the drawings of children affected by autism.

On his current project, Craig said: “It’s of its own volition, it’s very different to the other one”. This wall expands on the previous mural’s celebration of individual uniqueness and covers an array of diversities.

The creation of this wall was a hugely collaborative process. Sponsored by Cornwall Council with support from Falmouth and Exeter University, the Museum and the local community.

They left boxes around town for people to write and draw their concept of how they perceive difference, and Craig interpreted their work and divided it into nine different categories. It took him four days to spray paint the 60 ft wall.

“We came up with idea of post boxes of doodles of difference,” said Rachael Brown, a psychologist who came up with the idea for the mural. The boxes were designed by Falmouth college of Art students.

They used single words to represent each aspect of diversity on the wall. These vary from ‘identity’ celebrating gender diversity, to ‘respect’ recognising people from older generations.

They took inspiration from the tattoo exhibition currently being held at the museum. The design is based upon an arm with tattoos, which encourages people to be proud of their diversity.

Craig continues his work as there are “lots of walls out there that need to be covered”. The artist is leaving next week for Haiti to work on another project.

On reflecting on his experience in Cornwall, Craig said: “It was a real honour to be connected to so many people in doing this project”.